In The Three Kings, we join our main character Kate Fox after a flashback from before she is born. After the flashback, the story picks up at a point in Kate’s life where she is being raised by a cult/religious group called the Blood of Christ. Eventually she is rescued and brought back to live with her Aunt and cousin who, until that time, had assumed her dead. She registers at a college and finds a job, only to find out that she has a connection to her employer through her late father. Unbeknownst to Kate, the powers she has yet to realize were promised to another and she must play a magical game to fully actualize them.

I found this book to be super engaging and hilarious. I thought that Essie and Billie were both amazing characters, a great balance to Kate’s troubles throughout the book. Even though the cult was pretty hard to read about, I could appreciate how Pulliam fully developed their ideals to make them believable and impacting to the reader.

Although the romance between Kate and Hemming is unnecessary and silly I appreciated he and Helen’s characters and how they interacted. I think they are some of the strongest characters in the book.

While I was engaged with this book and found it very difficult to put down, I did, at times, question the flow of the story. The concept of being turned into a supernatural being because of a human injection is very odd, and then the needing of a teenager who can do magic to reverse that seems unlikely.

After Kate gets liberated from the Blood of Christ compound the story also takes an unrealistic turn. Even if she is a carbon copy of her mother it doesn’t make sense that her aunt and cousin would immediately accept her, give her money, and her own apartment/place to live. Her recovery time from being in an abusive cult feels like it happens too quickly. She just magically gets over being told that she’s ugly and fat and it’s not a huge issue when Pulliam decides it doesn’t need to be. There was a lot of potential here to see Kate’s growth as she recovers and it feels like a bit of a miss.

Another miss is the miraculous recovery of Kate’s documents. For example; did Aunt June really have a spare birth certificate and social security card lying around? Both would be needed to integrate back into the educational system. In the same vein I was glad that Kate was placed in remedial classes at her college.

I will say that while I am I’m excited for the next book, I am also worried about the plot holes and confusions that I might read in the next two books. I hope some of these issues are resolved or explained in the next two.

Overall, I would rate The Three Kings 3 out of 5 stars.



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