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November 2015

15 From Niece to Nerd: Attempt #3 – Some Nerd Girl Original Webcomic

As a consolation prize, I’m pretty sure she gets her witty comeback skillz from me.

See attempts #1 and #2.

Join us every Monday for a new and Original Some Nerd Girl webcomic!


Alex is our resident Webcomic creator. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but didn’t reach true Nerdom until he came state side when he was in middle school. He’s been drawing since he was five, but has only started posting Webcomics in the past year. You can check out his amazing and original work at

What are these Nerd Girls thankful for this year?

We’re thankful that…

SyFy is Finally Getting Back to Its Roots

This year, we got a glimpse of the fact SyFy is ready and willing to get back to producing and airing the genre of its namesake (only not butchering it with unnecessary y’s). This is excellent news for us BSG die-hards who are desperate for some space drama and other quality programming. We at SNG are VERY thankful for this turn of events.

If you’re not up to speed on some of the current and future programming you can look forward to, here’s the short list:

  • Killjoys
  • The Expanse
  • Helix
  • 12 Monkeys
  • Children’s End

The BBC announcing it will do justice to the His Dark Material series


Despite phenomenal casting (Star Wars Prequels, anyone?), the film adaptation of The Golden Compass left much to be desired. BBC to the rescue! The same people who brought us Red Dwarf, an adaptation of Neverwhere and Sherlock are going to do their best to bring His Dark Materials to life. Thank goodness the budget seems to have been worked out since Red Dwarf and Neverwhere – we have high hopes and we are soooo thankful for this news!

The Martian did not let down the science nerds of the group

I’ll be damned. You did it, Matt!

Anytime there is a film set in the ‘near future’ involving science, the science nerds of our troupe cringe in a somewhat optimistic way. We want it to be good, we want it to be realistic, and we also really hope films like this inspire interest in space travel and the sciences that help us get there and figure out stuff once we get to where we’re going. We’re thankful The Martian turned out to be as good as we all hoped!

New Horizons Did Not Disappoint


Everyone fell in love with Pluto this year, and that warms our hearts here at SNG! More than that, the hard work of some very dedicated and intelligent individuals bore fruit – pretty much the pinnacle of every scientist’s hopes and aspirations. When missions take years or decades to achieve, their success is that much sweeter!

Perfect Timing that is finishing a book in a series only to have the next one come out soon after is a thing


If we’re lucky, we know the joy that perfect timing is when it comes to a good book or TV series – Some Nerd Girl Tessa recently experienced this with Ancillary Mercy. Tell us about when you experienced this miracle of timing in the comments!

Fury Road showed up for the ladies, and people were OK with it!


Between Furiosa showing Mad Max the ropes, the Immortan’s ‘wives’ taking the fate of their lives into their own hands, and the women of the Green Place, this movie was a cinematic breath of fresh air when it comes to the portrayal of women. SNG couldn’t be more thankful for the dynamic portrayal of multiple female roles – we can only hope for more in the coming years!

You’re Never Weird On the Internet (Almost) reaffirms we’re all in this together!


We plan on doing a whole piece on how relatable this Felicia Day book is. Until then, suffice to say, Day’s words were beyond welcome as her stories helped a LOT of us realize we are not alone in our experiences growing up and our current places in life. Many of us were inspired, others comforted, and all amused!

Moral support – in particular, with our Fallout 4 problem addiction was readily available


Some Nerd Girl Heather reports requiring moral support to get through Fallout 4, which is equal parts amazing and scary! Maybe this is a new marketing strategy to make gamming more about community? Like, in person community. That’d be novel, eh?

Jessica Jones is a thing


Finally, a lady gets some super hero digital content action! Granted, it’s on NetFlix and not the big screen, but we NetFlix addicts do not really consider this to be a bad thing. We’re thankful for this opportunity to see a lady featured as a superhero and look forward to seeing where they go with it!



Even if it is in play-form. Now we, as adults, can enjoy an off-shoot of our favorite childhood books and still feel all cultured and junk!

Obviously; we get a new Star Wars this year. AND IT LOOKS GOOD

We’re thankful that the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailers are making us cry. In a good way. They’re tears of absolute joy. Don’t F(*! this up, JJ.

Also, we’re hoping this new era of cinema for women will also dovetail into some decent merchandise and clothing for women. I AM LOOKING AT YOU TARGET!

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novel Children of the Fallen and science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot. You can visit her website at

I am not your Slave Leia

You see it at every comic book convention; multitudes of women (and a few lovely men!) dressed as ‘slave Leia.’ And when I look at them I think: Good for them!

People have the right to wear whatever the hell they want. But I personally will not wear that outfit. Because I am not slave Leia.

Only Carrie Fisher can somehow make this classy.

I think Leia is a great character. She’s a strong woman. She fights with the Rebel Alliance despite being an actual princess (compare her to most of the Disney princesses). She risks her life to get the plans for the Death Star. She withstands torture at the hands of Darth Vader and the Imperial Forces. She watches her home planet of Alderaan get destroyed. And STILL doesn’t give up the information they want while continuing to maintain her strength and dignity.

She will wreck you.

In short, she is a BAMF. And this is all still in the very first movie. Nevermind that she grabs a gun and tries to escape from the Death Star as soon as she gets the first opportunity. Nevermind that she has a sarcastic attitude and a comeback to every one liner thrown at her by Han Solo. And also nevermind that she somehow resisted jumping that dude’s bones for three movies.

Alternate version of how Han managed to score with Leia?

She rocks.

But seriously, slave Leia? That is Leia at her weakest. She has again been captured. She is forced into a humiliating outfit that represents her captivity. She is wearing a literal chain around her neck like some kind of animal. She is forced to serve Jabba the Hutt who is repulsive in every sense of the word.

Now I am not trying to take away from her. She kills Jabba with that fucking chain. She breaks free of those chains and operates a cannon in that outfit. She helps Luke and Han escape. But still….slave Leia?

I’d be pissed too if someone made me wear that.

I am not slave Leia. If I were to cosplay Leia I would go as some other version of her. Almost all of them are better than her as a slave.

Even sexy mechanic Leia.

I am Boushh Leia. I am the Leia that willingly enters Jabba the Hutt’s den, risking my life to help my love. I am the Leia that convinces my enemies that I could, single-handedly, capture Chewbacca. I am the Leia that pulls a thermal detonator on a room full of people to settle my negotiations. I am the Leia that unfreezes Han from his carbonite prison.

If princessing didn’t work out for her, being a bounty hunter probably would have!

If I am going to dress up as Leia, I am not going to be slave Leia.

MaurnasMaurnas is the barely anonymous alias of a reclusive Floridian fangirl. She has an alleged humor blog at and can also be found at maurnas@cursitivity on Twitter. She writes almost as much as she reads but has done nothing with her debatable talents thus far other than all the blogging and tweeting and writing.

14 NaNoWriMo Writing Process – Some Nerd Girl Original Webcomic

Every writer who participates in NaNoWriMo knows the struggle that is staying on task. It’s almost as if our brains take the challenge of the 50k challenge and say…. yea, that sounds great and all but LOOK AT ALL OF THE OTHER THINGS.

The true reward is, despite the distractions, hitting that sweet, sweet 50k mark.


AlexAlex is our resident Webcomic creator. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but didn’t reach true Nerdom until he came state side when he was in middle school. He’s been drawing since he was five, but has only started posting Webcomics in the past year. You can check out his amazing and original work at

5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving Nerdy

Since we’re all sad about Halloween being over, we here at Some Nerd Girl thought we might ease the pain by suggesting ways to make the coming holidays even better (or just tolerable if you’re in THAT kind of situation).

So, please to enjoy, 5 ways to make Thanksgiving nerdy!

1. Lightsaber Duels to settle family disputes

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time we bring our families together, and we all know what a powder keg that can be! People you may or may not have seen all year, all with varying opinions and political affiliations – it’s a recipe for drunken arguments. We suggest an alternative to yelling at each other across a half-carved turkey: Dispute Resolution Via Lightsaber Duels. Hey, it worked for Luke and Vader, Right?! Right..?


There is unlikely to be a clear winner, but you’ll probably have so much fun you won’t even care anymore that your uncle is voting for Donald Trump.

2. Light Side / Dark Side designation for the wishbone

Before you break apart the wishbone, designate who represents Light and who represents Dark. Then, let the Force decide the victor!


Winner gets to rule the Empire! Or, at least the TV remote for a while.

3. Instead of football, tune into something nerdy

NetFlix is your friend. Consider letting Doctor Who play in the background, or pop in your collectors edition Harry Potter DVD(s). Encourage discussions about how Voldemort probably just needed more hugs as a child. The Addam’s Family Values is always a go-to lovely and appropriate choice given the time of year.


Other good options: Star Trek (perhaps the wishbone winner gets to pick which series), Sherlock, Clone Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Dark Matter, Lost Girl, Orphan Black, Supernatural…


Shrimp gumbo, shrimp kabob, shrimp pasta…. whoops, sorry, got a little off track there!

4. Cook historically themed items, for the history nerd of the family!

To have a true ‘thanksgiving’ meal, you’re going to have to prepare at LEAST one of these:

  • Wildfowl (so… uh… like a goose? I don’t even know)
  • Corn in grain form for bread or porridge
  • Venison
  • Chestnuts, walnuts and/or beechnuts
  • Blueberries, plums, grapes, gooseberries, raspberries and/or cranberries

I realize not much of that sounds like a ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving dinner, but to the history nut, it’s the ONLY traditional dinner to have.

5. Instead of playing football in the side yard, set up a Quidditch pitch and play that!

Who needs Football when you can run around pretending to be a wizard for an hour or so instead?! All you’d really need is some hula-hoops, duct tape and 6 wooden dowels. Easy, right? Oh, and a Snitch. I feel like perhaps whoever lost the wishbone battle will have to play the Snitch – and if they disagree, it can be settled with a Lightsaber battle.

You know you want some of this!!

Now go forth, and spread the Nerd love!

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novel Children of the Fallen and science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot. You can visit her website at


Review: Welcome to Night Vale – A Novel [Mild Spoilers]

So those who know me well, know that Welcome to Night Vale is my favorite thing in the history of ever. What you may or may not probably also know is that they came out with a book in October. A book I had pre-ordered and received the day it came out. Because that’s what you do when your favorite thing ever suddenly exists in book form.

Or at least, that’s what I do.


I worked late that night and could barely concentrate. All I wanted was that sweet book action. I rushed home and raced to my mailbox. My heart was pounding. I hadn’t even looked at the cover of the book online lest I die of excitement.

I tore into the packaging like a rabid animal. And there it was. My book. My Night Vale. And the cover was so beautiful. I kissed it. Right there. In front of god and all my neighbors. It was the most action I’d had in a pathetic amount of months.

You're all I need.
You’re all I need.

I vowed to read every word of that gorgeous book right then and there. I vowed to not sleep until I had consumed it. I would make these words a part of myself. I would weave a blanket of them around myself and wear it as a protective charm.

I may have been a bit overzealous.

I fell asleep after about 30 pages and woke up feeling betrayed by my body. How dare it sleep? How dare it even need sleep in the presence of such majesty? I have no excuses for my behavior.

So the next day I read the entire thing in one sitting lying in bed. Trying to find a position that did not make me want to die. Which is impossible with my jacked up back.


And I will review that book now:

I don’t quite know how to say this. So I’ll just come out and say it. I did not love this book. It left me feeling a bit ambiguous. It’s possible that my hopes were too high. Okay in fairness, it’s likely that my hopes were too high.

The authors (and creators of the podcast) Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor took me through a range of emotions. Not all of which were expected or welcome. The podcast is entertaining and amusing but also, at times, deep and thought provoking. It has made me cry many times.

The book just made me feel melancholy.

The relationship between Diane Crayton and her son, Josh was upsetting for me. Maybe this is because of my own issues, my own life. But it was difficult for me to read and impossible for me to enjoy.

I saw those same conflicts echoed in the other main character of the novel, Jackie Fierro and her mother. Why does everyone have such strained relationships with their mothers in Night Vale?

Both characters are completely isolated from the world around them. They live in silent cages of work and home with no room for anything in between. They do not even have friends, just acquaintances.

Jackie is trying to solve the mystery of the slip of paper she can’t seem to get rid of. And Diane is trying to solve the mystery of Josh’s father’s sudden reappearance in Night Vale. The two of them clash several times before deciding to team up and figure out just what is going on in their town.

Many of the old Night Vale familiar faces make appearances in this novel. Old Woman Josie and the angels; who are some of my favorite characters and are in my favorite scene in the book.

Source: Jennilah @ DeviantArt

John Peters, you know, the farmer? Even Mayor Dana Cardinal and Steve Carlsberg, who is apparently universally hated by the citizens of the town which is becoming increasingly inexplicable to me.

Source: Sour-Purple @ DeviantArt
Source: Sour-Purple @ DeviantArt

Jackie and Diane brave the terrifying library and a pack of ferocious librarians in their quest. This was one of the best parts of the book, creepy and well written. The characters seemed the most complex and multidimensional in the library scenes.

Source: Elderwyrm @ DeviantArt
Source: Elderwyrm @ DeviantArt

Eventually the two of them do solve their respective mysteries. Which of course turn out to be inextricably linked. The way many things in Night Vale are.

Also, the long awaited identity of the man in the tan jacket is revealed. I personally have wondered at his identity since his original appearance in the podcast and felt some satisfaction at finally having some answers.

Source: TinyMagician @ DeviantArt
Source: TinyMagician @ DeviantArt

The novel also addresses the question of what it is like for Night Vale to touch upon the real world, even if only at the edges. The answers are about what you would expect from these two writers.

Overall I would say the book is good. Certainly worth reading. Worth owning. I still love the podcast and will definitely be rereading the book again at some point.

Has anyone else read it? Is this a case of me being too picky about the thing I love most in the world? Let me know what you think.

MaurnasMaurnas is the barely anonymous alias of a reclusive Floridian fangirl. She has an alleged humor blog at and can also be found at maurnas@cursitivity on Twitter. She writes almost as much as she reads but has done nothing with her debatable talents thus far other than all the blogging and tweeting and writing.

13 The Purchase, Pt 3 – Some Nerd Girl Original Webcomic

And you thought Vader was irritable BEFORE……..

AlexAlex is our resident Webcomic creator. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but didn’t reach true Nerdom until he came state side when he was in middle school. He’s been drawing since he was five, but has only started posting Webcomics in the past year. You can check out his amazing and original work at


Our thoughts are with you, France.

Thank you Banksy, for making such a simple but impacting icon.

15 NaNoWriMo Writing and Acheivement Badges That Don’t Exist But Should

National Novel Writing Month writing badges are a relatively new addition to the NaNoWriMo community, and they’re pretty neat in terms of motivation and feeling a sense of achievement. I couldn’t help but feel like there were some missed opportunities, however – so I recently mined reddit’s NaNoWriMo community for ideas on what badges are needed to fill in the gaps. Here are just are just a handful that we came up with!


1. The Thanks To Sleep Deprivation, I Can Sleep Literally Anywhere Now! badge

Most folks who participate in NaNo struggle with sleep and often have a love-hate relationship with it. Love it when it happens, hate that it takes away from perfectly good free time we could be writing! Now there is an added bonus, which is adaptability! Congratulations, we are probably building some mutant race that is less reliant on sleep 100 years from now!

2. The Master Multitasker. You Did It All. Literally. How?! YouDidItAllbadge

You have kids, a job, a spouse, pets, friends who want to spend time with you (selfish!), side projects, front projects, project projects. You’re insane. And should probably run for President or Dictator or something. I don’t have much to say about this badge because I literally have no idea how you do it.


3. The You Sacrifice Everything In The Month Of November, Becoming the Quintessential ‘Lone Wolf’ For the Sake of Success! badgeLoneWolf

This is the multitasker’s natural enemy. The Lone Wolf (I have to admit that I fall into this category), understands their limitations when it comes to focus and dedication. It is for this reason they must, regrettably, cut you out of their life for up to 30 days – BUT – it might not take that long. In fact, the more you leave me alone, the more likely you are to see me later in the month!

4. The You (somehow) Survived A Critical Failure And Lost All Your Progress At Least Once And Still Managed To Recover! badgeCrashOverride

Saving and saving your work often is not really going to help you out if your computer chooses the month of November to Bite the Big One. Nor will it un-corupt your text file should you be so unfortunate to be in such a situation. HOWEVER, you, proud badge wearer, were not deterred. Okay, maybe you were for a little bit. Crying is perfectly acceptable in this kind of situation. But instead of giving up, you trudged forward and you know what, you probably wrote a better story because of it. Good on you!

5. The You Have Been Burned In The Past So Now You Have 15 Back Up Plans and Multiple Redundancies For Your Precious Novel! badgeFileHoarder

There is a very good chance that you earned badge #4 in a previous year. For this reason, you do not f%#* around! You are the model Wrimo who has mastered Google Docs, has more back up USB drives than James Bond, and have figured out how to automate emailing your work to yourself as you write it. You are also the file-backup-or-else apostle, spreading the good word to anyone who will listen.

6. The Everybody In Your Home Town Knows About NaNoWriMo Because Of You, You Eager Beaver! badgeEagerBeaver

Hey, guess what? You do an awesome, amazing thing every year that makes you feel really good and creative and fulfilled. And you want the world to know! You get this badge because there is nothing that will squash your passion for NaNoWriMo and telling literally anyone who will listen about it, and… perhaps most importantly… what you are writing this year.

7. The You Have Somehow Managed to Write 10,000+ Words Without Once, I Repeat Once, Actually Describing Your Main Character! badgeRorschach

I am not sure this badge is one you always want. I mean, I guess it really depends on your story. Are you purposely keeping this a mystery? Are you going to get around to it when you can feel your fingers again? I bet you could get a good 100 words or so out of at least telling us what color hair they have and if they are cross-eyed or not. I’m sure you’ll get around to it eventually! (Just please don’t spend two chapters describing a door)

8. The You Are No Longer In Control Of Your Characters And They Are Now Completely Off Script, But Hey, It Is Generating A TON of Word Count! badgeCharactersInControl

I have to imagine we have all felt this pain at some point. Your character wanders out of the scene out of boredom or HEY! there is something shiny over there! Let’s go look at IT! This can be frustrating under normal circumstances, but when it comes to NaNoWriMo, I highly encourage you to just go with it and wear this badge with pride. So what if you might need to be committed later…?

9. The Writer UNBLOCKED! badgeWriterUNBlocked

This badge is earned by those writers who hit a wall. A tall wall. A thick one. A wall made of dead Persians – you know, the usual kinds of walls. And these writers struggle, and struggle, and then it happens. The block breaks apart and you suddenly know what needs to happen! Cue the joy, cue the relief, and cue earning this badge for sticking with it and working out the kinks!

10. The There Is No Way This Is Going To Work, Proceed With Operation Nuke The Site From Orbit! badgeNukeFromOrbit

Unlike the Writer Unblocked badge, this is a wholesale acknowledgement and acceptance of the fact the story you started with is just not going to work. You’re not feeling it, your characters are cardboard, it’s a struggle to write every word. This badge if for those people who nuke their first idea and then proceed to run with another, kicking ass and taking names all along the way!

11. The I-Talked-A-Fellow-Wrimo-Off-The-Ledge! badgeTalkOffLedge

This badge is for all those generous souls who take time out of their writing to help talk a friend, writing buddy or even a random Wrimo off the ledge – be it from having an existential crisis, wanting to edit prematurely, or give up altogether. These badge holders are a big part of what makes NaNoWriMo so special – we have built a community that welcomes every level of writer, along with the entire spectrum of ambition levels – from overachiever to Master Procrastinator. We all support each other in our own way, and none is more important than you, Mr. Ledge-Talker-Off’er. Keep telling people to ‘Hang In There!’

12. The, Guess What? You Get To Write A Novel AND Feel Like Your Face Is Melting Off! badgeNovemberIllness

If you do NaNo long enough, this is bound to be your fate eventually. You spend all of October pumped and ready to go, and then BAM, you start sniffling. At first, there is denial – I’m fine, I swear. It’s just allergies or something. And then the sneezing starts, and before you know it, you’re at that stage of illness that puts you thisclose to making a deal with the devil to get better. Oh, and you’re still slogging through putting words on paper, but you are DEDICATED! And my, what interesting chapters you wrote under the influence of cold meds. This badge is for all those who persevere during illness in November!

13. The This Is Gonna Be a Photo Finish, Pray To Your Gods if You Got ‘Em! badgeLastMinuteWinner

Set Condition 1 throughout the ship! It is the last godsdamn day and you are SO CLOSE! You can’t write until your second-shift job releases you from their evil clutches and then it’s a mad dash to 50,000 words before midnight local time. This badge is for the people who MAKE IT HAPPEN when it’s down to the wire and all hope seems to be lost. Nope, not today, November. Not today.

14. The I Don’t Even Know What Is Real Anymore! badgeExistentialCrisis

When you sit down and decide to dedicate hours to pouring out your heart and soul until you reach a goal of a ridiculous amount of words, there are going to be times where you question reality. Am I Real? What does it mean to be real? Am I God? Do my characters live? What days is it? And where am I while I’m asking all these pertinent questions… It is a serious drag when you go through this existential, transcendental experience and still have to find time to do laundry before work on Monday. Take this badge, you earned it!

15. The I… I Did A Thing. I Actually Did It! badgeIdidathing

Last, and absolutely not least, is this astonishment badge for actually doing the thing you set out to do. You may think think this is just for first-timers, but you’d be wrong. Every time you accomplish this task, you should be proud and a little astonished of yourself. You, a busy human being who has a life completely apart from writing, told a story that was worth writing. You accomplished something that is going to last forever – that story is now fact, and YOU DID IT. You made the thing! Congratulations! Be astonished with yourself!!

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novel Children of the Fallen and science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot. You can visit her website at And she really wishes this whole article counted towards her Word Count…

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