Welcome to the Some Nerd Girl Book Review corner! Check out the reviews we’ve done so far here and read on for how to submit your book for review!

Submitting your book for review

What are we doing?

In an effort to support self-published authors, Some Nerd Girl is offering free book reviews for self-published works.

How does it work?

Use the contact form below to tell us about you and your book. You must be a self-published author with your work currently available for sale online. We’ll review submissions, and if there is an interest by any one of our contributors, we’ll contact you and ask for an electronic review copy of your book.

How long will it take?

We’re not sure. We’ve never done this before. But we have a lot of voracious readers who enjoy a wide range of genres. You’ll be updated during the process, including being informed about when we plan to run the review. We have a limited number of reviewers at this time, and will only be responding to submissions that are chosen for review.

What is included in the review?

Mostly the reviewer’s opinion regarding the work – likes, dislikes and any constructive criticism as needed. The review will be posted here on the Some Nerd Girl site, which reaches over a hundred (and growing!) followers. We’ll also happily post our reviews on Amazon and Goodreads at the request of the author. We will be using a 5 star system.

Submit your book for review!