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March 2016

The (Literal) Pain of Being an Introvert

Obligatory disclaimer: I enjoy being an introvert. I am not lonely, I am not a victim of circumstance, nor malcontent with my social life.

When I am not spending my time nerding out, writing, surfing the internet or binging NetFlix, I work as an analyst. It’s one of those things popularly referred to as a ‘day job.’

Overall working as an analyst is a good fit for me. I get to dig into details, solution, improve and innovate on a regular basis – checking a lot of boxes on the things-I-need-to-enjoy-my-job list. There are times, however, where collaboration is an all day activity. These sessions are immensely productive and results driven, which means my satisfaction level with them is high.


Of course there is an however.

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The more I experience day-long collaborative events, the more I realize how painful it can be to be an introvert. For no other reason other than being totally and completely drained by constant discussion and proximity to other people. Keep in mind; I am engaged in these sessions, talk frequently, problem solve, plan, etc. etc. – these are all things I enjoy doing. And yet, as the hours drag on, I am in physical pain.

We’re talking neck/shoulder strain, headaches, body stiffness, fatigue and even the occasional nausea.

How do I know this is the product of being an introvert?

I spent 10 minutes afterwards in a room all by myself and felt almost entirely better, or more ‘myself’. There is a lot of conventional wisdom that acknowledges the need for introverts to recharge, but I’m not sure extroverts fully understand what that means. It means recovering from some level of discomfort, and if we don’t get it… well, ‘cranky’ might be an understated descriptor of what may occur.


As an introvert, all this physical discomfort seems like a signal from my brain telling me to GTFO of wherever I am and sit quietly alone with my own thoughts. And I can tell you from my hangry episodes alone, my brain can be VERY insistent. It turns out that there is some science behind this – and it makes sense. The way our brains react to the chemicals produced during times of high interaction with others is absolutely bound to have a physical effect on us introverts.

But like many things happening in our brains, it can be nearly impossible to communicate these concepts in ways others – who don’t experience the same – will understand. It’d be like someone trying to explain their bipolar disorder to me. Or even a need to be around people all the time. It genuinely baffles me and while I understand on an intellectual level, I’m not sure I’ll ever ‘get it’.

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So I don’t blame people for not understanding the introversion that is a huge part of my life. I have a very supportive group of friends and coworkers who don’t make concessions, but accept me for who I am, and that’s pretty cool.

I do appreciate the effort others go to in order to understand weirdos like me – which is the whole reason I’m crafting this article. I’m fortunate in that I don’t often have day-long collaborative obligations where I work, but I used to work front-line customer service. And oh boy, was that not the job for me.

It started at a small bar and sandwich shop. That was okay and manageable. I knew most people, they knew me, and I got what they needed quickly and efficiently.

Then I moved onto a national chain sandwich shop, which will not be named. This job involved high-volume interactions with different people every day. Different, demanding and unforgiving people. It was genuinely terrible for me, and I spent every day working there depressed and hopeless.

introvert 2.png
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(I took a lot of naps during my time working at the sandwich chain that shall not be named)

From there, I ‘upgraded’ to a call center job where I only had to talk to strangers over the phone instead of face-to-face. This was helpful at first, but as the volume picked up and spending a solid 8 hours of doing nothing but talking to other people turned into a painful and stress-filled experience. Seriously; just the memory of it can make me break into a cold sweat.

And it’s not because I hated my job, or the company, or the customers. It was simply an over-exposure to interaction with others and very little time to myself during my work day. And ‘to myself’ doesn’t mean goofing off with non-work related activities. It just meant my entire job was to interact with other people and let me tell you… this is not the best fit for any introvert. I was good at my job, like I’m good at my job now… but it was slowly killing me inside. 🙂

Aah, not another soul in sight. Perfect!

Shout-out to all my introvert hommies: if you’re in a depressed, discontent place in your life and you work at a job that requires constant interaction with other people, that’s probably the reason. Figure out how you can work without all the… you know… people stuff. Again, this advice does not come from a place of disliking others on an arbitrary level. Introverts just have needs that, when not met, genuinely impact the quality of our lives. Admitting it is the first step to recovery!

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Introverts – or at least this one – can be in physical pain if we don’t get our alone time. Please keep this in mind when interacting with your friendly neighborhood introvert. Spend time with us, just not TOO much time. We will love you forever for it!

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novels Children of the Fallen and Unforgettable as well as science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot.


Hannibal, Where Have You Been My Whole Life?

Let me begin by saying this; I have a bad habit of holding out on books and shows that I have some arbitrary sense that I wouldn’t enjoy. I didn’t get into Harry Potter until I randomly read the 5th book, then went back and devoured them from beginning to end. I avoided watching Battlestar Galactica when it was on the air because ‘I was already a Star Wars fan’ – as if you can’t enjoy more than one space opera in your life. I thought LOST was silly and nonsensical until I caught an episode during my second shift job in college and was left with my mouth gaping open in ‘WTF?!’ – you know, in a good way. So you’d think I’d have learned my lesson by now.

But, in usual fashion, I held out on the show Hannibal. I had a lot of reasons. For instance, who wants to watch a show about cannibals?

Well, you do, if you enjoy amazing visuals, unending plot twists and genuinely decadent dialog with an interweaving story that is always referencing itself.

Recently, for whatever reason, I randomly agreed to watch this show with a friend. It is one of her favorite shows and I thought I was doing her a favor by agreeing to survive the 3 season run. As of last night, I have already begun re-watch #1. Allow me to explain why.



You have to start with this guy, even though the show does not. Hannibal is introduced as a psychiatrist who is asked to help the FBI. Played by Mads Mikkelsen, Hannibal is proper, polite, cultured and extremely intelligent. I have now watched all of the Hannibal movies, excluding Red Dragon (you’re on the list, don’t worry), and I have to say, Mads is my favorite. Unlike Hopkins, Mikkelsen is a quieter, less boasting Hannibal. He is still living his life, unburdened by imprisonment and constantly curious about what will happen next as he’s pulled into the trusting arms of the FBI, and Will Graham – an FBI special agent that immediately snatches the attention of our favorite cannibal.


The Hannibal character is introduced in such a way that while you know – by pop culture references alone – that he is bad news, yet he is still somehow charming, witty and intelligent. I often found myself second guessing where the show was going, or where it intended to go because they did not set up Hannibal to be a villain from the onset. Well, they did, but they didn’t.

That is why this show is so amazing.

The Premise

The TV show is, from what I understand, a kind of reboot of Thomas Harris novels – where producer Bryan Fuller took the concept and themes and re-imagines them with stunning artfulness. Many of the mostly male cast from the book are transformed into female characters in the show – something I rather enjoyed from the Battlestar reboot, as well. New character dynamics form based on the change, and the intricate relationships, motivations, intentions and plans that evolve from those dynamics are, and I realize I may be using this word a bit much, stunning.

The initial premise is this: Will Graham is pulled back into the field by Jack Crawford – despite the protests of therapist Alana Bloom, who is intrigued by Will, but can see how his empathy makes him susceptible to outside influences. Putting him in touch with serial killers is, she believes, a bad idea.

So Jack ignores her but assuages his guilt by hiring Hannibal Lecter, a referral of Bloom to evaluate Will.


Hannibal is immediately enraptured by the man who seems to understand serial killers, but isn’t one himself.

Forget about the serial killer aspect – which there is much of. I have openly admitted that I am not a fan of gore, and that remains true. That said, however, this show makes killing an art – something I never really thought I’d say. This show has the highest stakes of any show I’ve ever watched in my entire life. At any moment – any, it could all be over for the characters we have learned to love.

You don’t ever want to see this. This… this is bad.

The premise uses the relationships so carefully cultivated in the narrative to weave a tale about a constant game of cat and mouse. It is so subtle, but so deeply wound into the pit of your stomach as you watch. Never has a show held me in a level of suspense for as long as this one, and never have I enjoyed it so much.

In my post-Hannibal depression haze (you know the one, after you binge watch a show that has now become a big part of your life), I was reading up on Hannibal discussion boards that those who watched the show while it aired had a hard time maintaining that sense of suspense. I implore you to go back and binge watch. You will not regret it.

The Imagery and Score


The cinematography is top notch when you consider this show aired on Basic Cable. The colors, the transitions, the artistic balance of life and death. It is genuinely hypnotizing at times, and is constantly paying homage to the genuinely good horror in the world, like the Shining. I can’t tell you how many times I was watching this show and was completely blown away by the artistic shots, perfectly timed to allow you to reflect on the mind-blowing revelations or suspicions that coalesced from the scene before. The score was so immersive that it blended perfectly with every scene and helped to transport you into this high-stakes universe of cat and mouse.


The Cast

I could go on at length about how amazing this cast is – from Jack (Morpheus from The Matrix), the FBI Behavioral Science Director at the FBI and his wife Bella (Zoe from Firefly), to Will Graham the Special Agent with a unique empathy disorder, Alana Bloom – Hannibal’s mentee, Abigail Hobbs – the surrogate daughter of Will and Hannibal, and Bedelia – Hannibal’s enraptured but fearful therapist. Freddie Lounds the tabloid journalist, Frederick Chilton the menacing psychiatric director, Margo Verger… even Mason Verger, the at-odds siblings that lead to Hannibal’s first genuine brush with danger.


The character development is phenomenal and no one, and I mean no one, is the same at the end of this story as they were at the beginning. They’re all changed, and it doesn’t happen all at once. It’s gradual, and steeping like a slow kettle to boil.

As you can tell… I might have ventured into the realm of “Fannibal” – and I guess I have to be okay with that. I get it, I get how this show has captured so many people’s interest. And despite being 1000+ words into this article, I still find it hard to explain, exactly, why this show is so damn good.

I guess you’re going to have to watch it yourself and let me know.

The first two seasons of Hannibal are eligible for Prime streaming on Amazon, and you can purchase the third digitally, which I did. Because I had to know what happened. #noregrets

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novels Children of the Fallen and Unforgettable as well as science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot.

32 When Facing a Dragon… – Some Nerd Girl Original Webcomic

Coworkers, amirite??

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AlexAlex is our resident Webcomic creator. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but didn’t reach true Nerdom until he came state side when he was in middle school. He’s been drawing since he was five, but has only started posting Webcomics in the past year. You can check out his amazing and original work at

8 Nerdy Jokes Everyone Needs In Their Lives

1. How do you organize a space party?

You planet

2. At atom walks into a bar. Says to the bartender, “I think I’ve lost an electron.” Bartender asks, “Are you sure?”

The atom replies, “Yes, I’m positive.”

3. How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?


4. There are 10 types of people in the world.

Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

5. Helium walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve noble gases here.”

Helium doesn’t react.

6. I would tell another Chemistry joke but…

The good ones argon.

7. Did you hear about the guy who got cooled to Absolute Zero?

He’s 0K now.

And my personal favorite…

8. There are two kinds of people in this world.

Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.

Jokes provided by…

SandySandy is a writer and maker from Perth, Western Australia. She keeps busy with homesteading, horticulture, football, martial arts, games, code, tinkering, DIY, fussing the cats, and drinking tea. She blogs long things at and tweets short things at @sandysandy.


Barb2Barbie O’Havoc has been considered a nerd since the first time she pissed someone off for having a weird opinion. Since then, she’s been spending her time indulging in the surprisingly expensive habits of reading trashy vampire novels and hitting people while playing roller derby. Both of her main hobbies have led to a love of terrible puns, much to everyone’s dismay.

Barbie O’ also loves coffee and local restaurants, and occasionally rambles about both on the Johnstown Food Blog.

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novels Children of the Fallen and Unforgettable as well as science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot.


Art That Brings Your Novel To Life

As an author, it is always amazing to see your book and characters come to life through art. As a self-publish author, you’re always looking for ways to garner interest about your books. It is for both of these reasons that I recently commissioned artwork for my latest novel, Unforgettable, from the lovely an talented Leda Chung.

Reading is often the best exercise for your imagination, and I like to think putting visuals to novels takes it to the next level. I often dream of the day my novels become so loved that fans take on the task of creating their own art based on the characters and settings that I was passionate enough to write about. I would genuinely love to see what imaginative creations would come out of my work.

But before that can happen, it’s my job to get you interested and excited about my novels. I fancy myself a very character-driven writer, so what better way to do that than to let you get to know three of the main characters of my book?

Cassidy “Cas” Dubois

First, there’s Cas – our leading, if not reluctantly so, lady. Cas was born special – though she might consider it a curse. Her abilities allow her to steal the memories of others, though at the cost of being forgotten by most who meet her. Raised by the local authority – a vampire named Edmund – she tacitly agrees to do the clean up work of making mortals forget about the weird, supernatural things that go on in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. We first find her waiting anxiously at the Greyhound station, ready to skip town in an attempt to reclaim her life away from the burden of her servitude.

She’s pulled right back into the fray before she can make her escape, however, by her handler Jasper. A crime scene is waiting – and she’s got work to do.


In the beginning, Jasper’s relationship with Cas seems purely transactional – when an  incident occurs, it’s his job to round up the cleanup crew and get to work. As a Shifter, he also takes on a Tracker role, which is why he’s the perfect candidate to keep his eyes on Cas. While he may seem like her number one nemesis, preventing her from leaving a life she doesn’t want, it gradually becomes clear that he is fiercely protective of her. Though he struggles to remember her every day, he maintains a journal to keep the memory of her sharp in his mind.

Jasper’s intervention at the Greyhound station prevents Cas from skipping town – and in doing so, they both meet Carmen – Edmund’s newest Inspector.


Carmen’s appearance is a surprise for both Jasper and Cas – what she is and where she came from is a mystery. One thing is clear, however – the moment she lays eyes on Cas, there is a spark. We later find out that Carmen appears to be the one person who seems to have no trouble at all remembering Cas. So much so, the woman insists on having Cas help in the investigation of missing mortals.

Intrigued by the new player, and secretly thrilled that someone seems to be able to remember her for more than 24 hours, Cas agrees – despite knowing nothing about the nature of the case or the nature of her new admirer.

It doesn’t take long for things to go sideways, and Cas to become one of the missing. Jasper and Carmen form a tenuous alliance to try and get her back – Jasper racing the clock before he forgets the girl altogether and Carmen wrestling with what part she may have had in the disappearance.

And that is as much as I can say without going to spoiler-town. If you like supernatural characters and settings, along with the whole struggling-to-know-who-and-what-you-are and courage-under-pressure stories, you’re the ideal reader for this book, and my other – Children of the Fallen, which sets the stage for the larger story arc of the Children of the Fallen series. These two books can be read in any order, and my plans are to have a handful of other novels that introduce more characters like Cas that will be united in the story line that takes place in the novel following Children of the Fallen.

Also, if you enjoy “Easter eggs,” the photo backdrop in the feature image is the bar in Knoxville that inspired one of the settings in both Unforgettable and CotF.

So what do you think? Is art a good way to get readers interested? You tell me and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novels Children of the Fallen and Unforgettable as well as science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot.

31 Reaction to Deadpool – Some Nerd Girl Original Webcomic

This movie was seriously above and beyond anything I expected. Deadpool 4 Life!!

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AlexAlex is our resident Webcomic creator. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but didn’t reach true Nerdom until he came state side when he was in middle school. He’s been drawing since he was five, but has only started posting Webcomics in the past year. You can check out his amazing and original work at

Game of Thrones, or – WHAT IS HYPE MAY NEVER DIE!

As of March 15th – the day this piece runs – there are 43 days left until the start of season 6 of the mighty epic fantasy drama series Game of Thrones. I’m sure it needs no introduction to the wonderful readers of Some Nerd Girl, as chances are you’ve either come across the HBO show or you’ve devoured the A Song of Ice and Fire books that gave us the phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm.


I am a huge fan of both mediums. The rich, gorgeous world that is weaved within the pages is brought so vividly to life on screen by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, with the author George R. R. Martin also at the helm to make sure his vision is similar to what he has created over the years. The first five seasons were taken from the pages and reworked for television, but season 6 is going to be something different – as it will actually be ahead of the books. GRRM has been taking his time writing the last book of ASOIAF, but he kept his schedule and age in mind and told the showrunners exactly how the story ends.

What does this mean? Every Game of Thrones fan, readers and viewers alike, will be going into the sixth season with no idea of what’s to come. It’s going to be an exciting time – the hype is real. And I’m here to pull the hype train into hype station, as I sit in hype first class with a glass of hype champagne, to throw some glorious hype your way and not be alone in my excitable madness.


I refuse to accept that Jon Snow is dead and gone. He’s most certainly dead, having been shanked to death by his so-called brothers in the Night’s Watch for his loyalty to the Wildlings, but as we’ve already seen in previous seasons death doesn’t necessarily mean the end. And I’m not just talking about the dreaded White Walkers. The Red Priest Thoros, who rocks around with the Brotherhood Without Banners was seen reviving Beric – and as he tells the Red Priestess Melisandre, it’s the sixth time he’s brought the man back from the dead.

Oh yes. Melisandre. Her intentions have always been questionable, with her loyalty to the late Stannis ‘The Mannis’ Baratheon driving him to burn his only daughter alive in the last season – as well as getting him to knock her up with a weird shadow assassin baby – only to seemingly figure that her belief in him was possibly misplaced as his army is defeated by Ramsay Bolton’s men.


Before this, she tries to seduce Jon Snow. Melisandre has always had a thing for those who have ‘King’s blood’ in their veins – and if you believe the R + L = J theory, this might give us some grounding as to what her plans for him might have been. And if she shares the ability to raise the dead like Thoros… maybe we can finally see more to her than just a pair of boobs who sometimes does magic things.

(I really hope that Jon Snow is brought back from the dead, because if he’s not my six months pregnant cousin/best friend will go postal – and there’s not enough Greggs steak bakes in the world to placate that kind of rage…)

Arya is now blind after disobeying the rules given to her in the House of Black and White by going rogue and slaying the disgusting Meryn Trant. Yet, it seems she will continue to train under the Faceless Men to become an assassin. Will she become the badass that finally gets revenge for the brutal murders of her family members? I hope so. I also want to see where her direwolf has got to.


Sansa ‘Stark’ Bolton has escaped her captivity in Winterfell thanks to the help of Theon ‘Reek’ Greyjoy after killing her husband Ramsay’s lover/partner-in-sadism Miranda. Pictures from the latest season show that they both survived their huge jump from the keep’s walls, but there seems to be another theory that’s sending everyone into a frenzy. It looks like Sansa has a very small bump, and considering how many times Ramsay defiled her… could she be carrying his child? What ramifications will that have for her? Will Reek become Theon again?

What else is going on? Well, Daenerys Targaryen has been surrounded by a horde of Dothraki, which may not work out well for her. Tyrion Lannister seems to have been left in charge of Meereen in her absence with Varys by his side. Jaime Lannister was supposed to be returning to King’s Landing with his niece/daughter Myrcella Baratheon. She revealed she knew about him being her father and was even happy about it! Well, until she died. It seems as if she was poisoned by Oberyn Martell’s concubine Ellaria Sand as a form of revenge for the death of her lover. I’m sure Cersei Lannister will be devastated at the tragic loss of another child, leaving King Tommen Baratheon as her only surviving child – she’s bound to become even more protective of the boy than she was before.


Margaery Tyrell is still locked up. Religious nuts are still ruling the capital. There’s the case of that big bloke who used to be the Mountain but is now some sort of beefy zombie. Still no sign of Lady Stoneheart much to most fan’s dismay. Bran and Hodor were missing from last season, but they’re both due to return. Where’s Petyr Baelish? He might be a creep but he’s a sexy Irish creep. And worst still, BENJEN STARK IS STILL MISSING BEYOND THE WALL.

(Oh and then there’s the whole White Walker hoard making it’s way south, which I’m sure is more important than any of the characters realise at this point… I’m sure Tormund Giantsbane can take care of it by himself though.)


I’m sure there’s loads of stuff I’ve missed. But the hype is real. Are you as excited/illegible as I am about season 6 of Game of Thrones? Have you got any theories you want to share? Please share them with me in the comments!


Game of Thrones returns April 24th – prepare yourselves…

(Images courtesy of Chrys Watches Game of Thrones – support her Patreon if you like what you see!)

ClaireClaire is a foul-mouthed British twenty-something who spends most of her time pretending to be an adult. Her nerd status started from an early age with her dad’s love of sci-fi and developed through a love of gaming, reading and horror. As well as volunteering for a charity, Claire writes about her life with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and mental health over at her blog, as well as tweeting nonsense over as @MouthAndSpoons. The dream is to either make it as a successful writer, or go into mental health research. She lives at home with her equally nerdy husband, their dog Lady, cat Pip and a lot of fish.

30 Late Night Calls – Some Nerd Girl Original Webcomic

This is one of the side effects of having a writer’s imagination.

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AlexAlex is our resident Webcomic creator. He grew up in Puerto Rico, but didn’t reach true Nerdom until he came state side when he was in middle school. He’s been drawing since he was five, but has only started posting Webcomics in the past year. You can check out his amazing and original work at

The Great T-Shirt Injustice

A couple months ago, I discovered this pretty swell website – someone on Reddit linked out to the roughly gazillion Star Wars shirts they offer. The shirts were affordable, and so was the shipping – so I was pretty excited.

You see, I LOVE nerdy shirts. It’s kind of a weakness. Well, it probably wouldn’t be such a big deal if I could find nerdy shirts that are flattering on my body type.That is to say… a female body type.

I ordered some Men’s Large Star Wars shirts, knowing I was in for something that wasn’t entirely flattering but still served as a nice conversation piece if I should find other nerds in the wild.

Then I saw TeeFury was running a $5 grab-bag special. Pick your gender, size, and take a chance on getting something random. So naturally, I was on board. I put in $10 and eagerly awaited what random goodness would come my way. Again, to be safe, I stuck with Men’s Large, and got the following:

L - TeeFury 2
Sweet, Jessica Jones! Sure, it’s a little boxy, but workable.
L - TeeFury 1
I actually have no idea what this is from. Gears of… man with dog? If you know, please comment and let me know!

Now I knew what I was getting into with ordering Large. Mostly, I’m glad they fit. I can roll up the sleeves or these can be my nerdy-around-the-house shirts.

I got another promotional email from TeeFury telling me to ACT NOW on the last of the $5 Grab Bag offer. And then it occurred to me…


Now is my chance to order a women’s size and maybe, just MAYBE, TeeFury will be the place I can get my well-fitting nerdy shirt fix. After all, what’s $10? I could take the chance. So I check out their size chart to make sure I get the most correct-ish size and was kind of surprised at what I found. In most women’s sizes, I’m a solid XL. At 5’10” I’m above average in both height and weight – so this is not really a shocker.

I was a bit surprised to see that my measurements, according to TeeFury… more closely align with a XXL. There’s even a XXXL option that I considered, but then… and this has happened to me before – what if it’s TOO big? I have one comically too-big-for-me women’s cut from the NaNoWriMo store and it doesn’t even look right as a nerdy-around-the-house shirt.

Anyhow… before I show you the result, I wanted to share what a normal XL size shirt looks like on me:

XL - Ann Taylor Loft
Note the flattering cut, lower neckline, and how it’s not skin-freaking-tight.

This is how I expect most women’s XL to fit on me. So surely, a XXL from TeeFury will be delightfully nerdy AND flattering, right?


No. Observe:

XXL - TeeFury W 1
In what universe is this a XXL??
XXL - TeeFury W 2
I was so confused at first that I double-checked the shipping label to make sure I hadn’t ordered a Jr size. Nope. Women’s XXL.

So at this point you might be thinking, what’s the problem? It looks fine. No, my friends, it’s not fine. It’s tight and uncomfortable and not at all what I look for in my t-shirts. And more than that… it’s an absurd size designation.

Having to buy something at XXL is already sucky, but then to have it not fit, and the quality be far less than a men’s shirt (they are thinner and shorter than the men’s shirts) is pretty unacceptable in my opinion. And add to the fact that when you get into the XXL + sizes, you’re usually paying more.


So you might be thinking – well, that’s not a LOT. Yes, true, but my point here is that these shirt sizes are not accurate to reality.

And, TeeFury, I know I’m beating up on you here, but this is not just a TeeFury problem. This is almost a universal problem with women’s clothing sizes – the quality is consistently less than men’s clothing, often runs comically small and sometimes even costs more.

It’s an injustice we all deal with, for all our lives, and I’m getting just a little bit sick of it. So much so, that I’ve put together this lovely compilation. Please feel free to share this with the internet. This is hokum!

T-shirt Injustice.gif

I am heavily investing in the first t-shirt company that has sensible sizes, quality, prices and awesome nerdy designs in women’s cuts.

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novels Children of the Fallen and Unforgettable as well as science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot.

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