It’s December 31st – and we all know what that means. Late night boozin’! Also… those resolution thingies. It seems as though making resolutions has waned – it felt like a MUCH bigger of deal when I was younger. Now people appear to prefer to hedge their bets and forego making goals. Not here at Some Nerd Girl! We have some very specific goals for the upcoming year!

Feel free to share your resolutions in the comments – we want to hear them!

 #1 – Get back to our nerdy roots


Be it playing long-ago packed away video game systems *coughRogueSquadrononN64cough* or, as Claire intends, getting an old raiding crew back together for Final Fantasy 14 to finally clear the Coils of Bahamut and rediscovering her Magic the Gathering roots. Speaking for myself – I distinctly recall drifting away from my beloved Star Wars video games because they were seen as ‘time wasters’ that ‘normal’ people thought were geeky.

Well, it’s the golden age, mothafrakkers! I do what I want!

Also thank the Gods for eBay because I couldn’t find my old gaming systems. Soon I’ll have an N64 AND a Gamecube!

And then there’s Julia, who is resolved to let her nerd flag fly high and proud this year!

 #2 – READ MOAR!


Some of us, like Sandy are taking on a 20 Goodreads Reading Challenge, others like Rose intend to read every book on her bookshelf (all 100 of them!), and Barb, is setting out to read more non-fiction to add to what is already a pretty impressive mental encyclopedia. We also are looking forward to reading more sci-fi and finishing series that are long overdue to be finished!

 #3 – Fitness For Nerdy Reasons!


It’s no secret some of us, like Rebecca are motivated to get in and stay in shape for Cosplay reasons. Others, like Heather, want to get her Zombie Run on with the added bonus of being in prime condition for Cosplay. For myself, I’m resolving to cycle at LEAST 520 miles this year – ultimately making the ability to rock Starbuck at DragonCon that much more likely!

 #4 – Fully Commit and Finish Our Projects


Rose is set on finishing her 2015 NaNoWriMo story, Tessa wants to get an original work of fiction on paper as well as learn Python. For myself, I fully intend to publish my 2015 NaNo novel ‘Unforgettable’ and write the sequel to Colony One. And of course, we want to continue providing awesome, original content for our followers here at Some Nerd Girl!

 #5 – Catch up on all that TV Show Goodness

TV copy.png

A lot of amazing content came out in 2015, and it shows no signs of slowing in 2016. Therefore, many of us have resolved to get up to date with our beloved TV shows, lest we slack and they get *gasp* canceled!

People are relying on us! It is our duty to re-commit to our watching duties! Miranda has agreed to take up the first charge!

 #6 – Connect with our Fellow Nerd


Last but certainly not least, we would like to resolve to connect to our fellow nerd – be it our long-time friends, new friends, friends we have yet to meet, or possibly even those special more-than-friends connections – we want to ensure these relationships are nurtured and cherished throughout the year. Community is a big deal with us nerds – we stick together and share so much passion for so many things. That sense of togetherness is just one of the many perks of being a nerd.

So say we all!

Eve2Eve is the founder of Some Nerd Girl and the author of urban fantasy novel Children of the Fallen and science fiction novel Colony One. She has been writing since the age of 13 and has been flying her nerd flag for the past 16 years. Fandoms include Star Wars, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica. Basically if it has ‘star’ in it, she’ll give it a shot.