The following is a series SNG will run where our contributors explain why, particularly to them, the internet is (OBVIOUSLY) awesome.


Although there are many reasons why the internet is awesome here are my two favorites:

The Internet facilitates connections


Besides the fact that the Internet is literally wires upon wires all connecting computers to each other, access to the internet is access to (other then practically the entire world) websites like Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, and Twitter and programs like Skype, where you can talk to people you don’t know and people you do know.

My uncle lives in England and the only way I can actually have a conversation with him is over Facebook Messenger or while we are on a Skype call.


If you’re feeling really excited about a fandom, you can log onto a forum where you can fangirl about a book, a movie, or anything really with someone who also cares about that thing as much as you do.

Did someone say fangirl?!

Collaborative (Collab) channels on Youtube are a really prevalent example of how people who barely know each other can start connecting and maybe even build that into a friendship or enterprise.

Exhibit A

Whether the connections are shallow or don’t matter as much is up for debate, sure, but having access to other people does facilitate connections.

The Internet is a great resource


If you’re having a conversation and someone says something that doesn’t sound right you can look up that factoid and either confirm it’s right or tell them that what they have believed all this time is wrong and they should have done some research.

The real tie breaker!

If anyone wanted information before the internet was invented it took hours to research the information they needed in books, and while books are great, the internet is like having a library at the touch of a button.


Miranda.pngMiranda is a college student studying Adventure Education and Sustainable Agriculture. Don’t let all that outdoorsy-ness fool you, when the Deathly Hallows came out Miranda was at the release party. Other nerdy credits include having deep discussions about various book series on reddit, tumblr, and twitter. She loves Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, the Delirium series, basically anything dystopian and the community of Nerdfighteria. You can find her on twitter @genderisweird, check her out on her blog and tumblr